This is my first time posting on Ryan’s new website, so I’m going to keep it short and simple so as not to waste my time or yours should something not work right and it not go through, which might happen when I end this rambling sentence and hit the publish button, but not before I mention Ryan had a good day today. Whew! I typed that all in one breath…not really, but it felt like I did. I’m sure it felt like it to you as well while reading it.

In any case, welcome to Ryan’s new site! And, thank you for staying with us through the transition. I, along with a friend of Ryan’s, am the keeper of the site, so I will monitor it and hope to make it better as I get input from y’all.

So much for short, huh? Anyway, I’ll write something a little more substantial throughout the next couple of days. For now, I’ll bid you all a good night…May the Lord make your dreams pleasant…

3 thoughts on “RYAN’S MIRACLE WATCH 9/27/15

  1. The website looks great! And, I love seeing Ryan’s smiling face, thanks for the pictures. Your family and especially Ryan are always in our hearts.


  2. Dear Bret: You don’t know me, but I am posting this from a small town overlooking the ocean in Maine. I work from home on a midnight shift and every morning when I see the sun rise I think of Ryan (my cue) and pray for him and for you and your wife. We have a group of prayer warriors that extends to Delaware,PA, West Virginia and west to Denver. Ryan is in our prayers as are you and your family. We know God has Ryan in his hands and that he is loved beyond measure.

    God bless you, your family and Ryan.

    Sherry Baker


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