Happy Thursday Everyone! For those of you who’ve been following along, y’all know what Thursday means to me. That’s right! It’s my day to watch over Ryan. I thought I’d snap a shot of the two of us hanging out together. Ryan’s head is a bit large in the pic; kinda like when my brother holds a fish close to the camera to make it appear larger than it actually is…ha!

Anyway, back to reality…I’ve been running like crazy for the past couple of days, so he and I’ll be catching up on all the show that have been recorded during that span away; mostly episodes of Cupcake Wars. Oops! Did I say that out loud again? I meant to say we’ll be watching Thursday Night Football. The point is that we’ll be hanging out together, which makes me most happy…

Y’all have a great evening on and with purpose!


4 thoughts on “RYAN’S MIRACLE WATCH 10/1/15

  1. What a beautiful picture of you and Ryan! We are sending you prayers, Healing Angels, Love and Hugs to the both of you and your family! We Love you and wish for you today and everyday to “Have the Best Day Ever!” All Our Love, Jim and Cheryl!


  2. Hi Bret. We laid our hands upon Ryan’s image according to God’s word. We prayed for your son as Jesus has commanded us to do. Two young men in my Bible study group are willing to come along with me to pray for Ryan. While we were praying, one young man had a vision of smelling honey in Ryan’s room if that means anything to you. Marie


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