Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/4/15


T = is it True?

H = is it Helpful?

I = is it Inspiring?

N = is it Necessary?

K = is it Kind?

This is a good thing to do, and one I will practice from now on. It’ll be pretty obvious when I mess up…

Ryan had another good day today. Janine said he moved his eyes in the direction of her voice; something he does on occasion; and lately more frequently. The nurses and his teacher say he also does the same with them from time to time. We’re still waiting to get the eye tracking computer thingy to see if he is, indeed, able to track on a consistent basis, and if/when he does, is he able to comprehend what he’s hearing?

Thank you Lord for watching over us today, and for the many blessings you poured upon us. We are grateful for you mercy and kindness. Cause us to do the same unto others from now forward…



One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/4/15

  1. What a blessing  for Janine!  Makes my heart smile.  Love the pictures  you have sent.  In my prayers every day. Neva 

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