Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/5/15

We are blessed beyond measure. I don’t know if y’all can read the comments that come into this site from well-wishers, prayer warriors and the like, but they are truly uplifting, encouraging and, quite frankly, what help sustain us through this season of our lives. I also receive several emails on a daily basis letting me know that y’all are thinking and praying for Ryan and us.

In case you were wondering, it’s true what they say about life going on. Well, it hasn’t stopped. It’s just different than what it was like before. Nonetheless, we trust God’s plan for Ryan and us, and look forward to seeing the daily miracles that He reveals to us…and ultimately to the day when we’re in heaven and get to see and understand (hopefully) the big picture. I know it’s a big picture, because no matter how long I or anyone else lives, I/we won’t be able to see it all in this lifetime…

Lord, Please heal Ryan today, so that I can at the very least see that part of the picture. Thank you.

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