Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/23/15

Ryan is looking forward to seeing his mother, who is coming home tonight after being away for a week out of town. I went in to tell him, and he seemed excited to hear the news. I know he likes her more than me; but then again, what child doesn’t like their mother more than their father? I’m okay with it. She’s more deserving…

Hug your child tonight, but if they’re not home, be sure and pray for them…as I know you do…

“The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make his face shine on you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn his face toward you and give you peace.”      Numbers 6:24-26

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/23/15

  1. I’m facing bringing my son home in what they say is coma stage 4. He has severe axonal injury to his brain. As a single mother I don’t know how to even fathom this care. The insurance company will be very limited in provisions. No home health only skilled nursing and the basics for oxygen, a basic bed and wheel chair. There is no facility that would take him in his condition and age.

    In addition to facing caring for him my grief could only equal what a person who lost their child would be. I’m mentally not ok. Your son’s story is so similar to my son’s. Excellent student loved by his classmates and teachers. A car accident changing all of our futures. I miss my son. He isn’t even to what is considered a vegetative state. So many people tell me to have hope. I just want to crawl under the covers and cry for months. Instead I am home for one night from the hospital preparing a room in my sunroom on my first floor where he can stay.


    • I am very sorry to hear about your son’s injury. I do not know what your spiritual background is, but I can assure you that God, in His infinite wisdom and grace, has a plan far greater than you or I could ever imagine, and that in all things God works for the good of those who love Him, who have been called according to His purpose. He has shown this to me time and time again throughout the circumstance with my son. I believe God chose this situation for our son, because he is so loved by many, and his incident has caused many to search their souls, repent of their sins, be reconciled to one-another, restore their marriages and broken friendships and ultimately draw closer to God. This pleases God and brings glory to Him, which is our purpose here on earth. In the end, I believe my son is healed in Heaven, and therefore I do not worry about his, or my, short time here on earth. I simply look for what God is doing in all of this; and I can tell you that I have seen many wonderful things come about as a result of what many might consider a tragedy; many wonderful things. I encourage you to look for these wonderful things that God is doing and will do surrounding your son’s incident. They will bring you comfort and joy knowing your son is being used by The Most High for His glory’s sake.

      I know many have told you this already, but never give up hope for your son’s recovery. Many have recovered from the type of brain injury he has. It does take time; how much time, one doesn’t know. We must be strong for our loved ones. In the meantime, keeps your eyes open and watch God’s plan unfold before them. You will be amazed. Of this, I am sure.

      My wife and I would be willing to talk to you about our experience and/or what types of assistance we’ve gotten for Ryan. There are agencies that can help with providing the necessary funds for care, equipment and etc. And, there are other services we could recommend for grief counseling, therapists, etc. Should you wish to speak with us, simply let us know the best way to reach you.

      In closing, I will pray for your son’s full recovery, and for peace and strength for you and yours.



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