Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/24/15

Occasionally I receive emails from people who have experienced or are experiencing similar situations with their children such as ours with Ryan. I received one such email this evening from a mother whose son is in a stage 4 coma as a result of a car crash. Even though I’ve replied to all those whom I’ve received such emails from, I’m not always confident I’ve said the right things. My only hope is that they know what I’ve said comes from a compassionate heart, and is meant to be of comfort and encouragement.

Will you please pray that the words I’ve spoken will be received as such? And, also pray for this mother and her son; for God to give her an abundance of peace, comfort and strength, and for her son’s complete healing…quickly. Thank you.

Ryan is doing really well. Thank you for your continued prayers and love for him…and for us.

May God Richly Bless Each and Every One of  You!!

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/24/15

  1. I love  starting my day reading  your food for thought, words of encouragement, peace  and joy. You, Ryan, and Janine have guided me to my faith and knowing GOD, Christ, and all their blessings. Your words are a blessing.  Thank you! Neva

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