Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/27/15

Why, when we prepare food the first time, can’t we make it taste like leftovers?For some reason leftovers just taste better…

So, Ryan and I had a great time together yesterday evening. We talked (well, I did anyway), watched a little football, ate a couple of turkey sandwiches (again, just me) and just enjoyed each other’s company…I know I enjoyed his, anyway. I’d enjoy it more if he could participate more, but am thankful he is breathing and relatively healthy despite his condition. Some might call it being thankful for the little things, but in Ryan’s case (and quite frankly all of our case) breathing is a relatively substantial thing. In fact, I believe all of God’s provision is substantial…

For those of you who want a good diet:

Throw your chocolate into a bush. If you have to hunt and gather it, it is Paleo.

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/27/15

  1. Bret,

    I hadn’t heard of Ryan’s case until today, but reading this and very clearly seeing the strength, hope, optimism, and happiness that you try to retain, despite how difficult the case is, is amazing and inspiring. The love that you have for Ryan is unmistakable, and has moved me to tears. Thank you for inspiring in me strength, appreciation, and love in hard times, and may God always watch over you and your family.


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