Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/3/15

Leesa posted this on FB today…

“God is saying this to you today, “Everything will work out. I’m in complete control. I know what the medical report says. I know what the financial situation looks like. I see the people who are coming against you. I know how big your dreams are. And hear me clearly; I will not fail you.””

Thank you for sharing this Leesa!

Also on FB…

“Think about it: If there is a ‘health food’ section in the grocery store, what does that make the rest of the food that’s sold there?”

God is good…ALL the time!!

I get to go watch Ryan now…

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/3/15

  1. Hey Bret, I feel so honored to be part of your inspiration for the Ryan blog today! I pray for a miracle for Ryan. I loved the story of him smiling with the taste of whipped cream, and how he looked at you when you said hello and moved his mouth. Yes, if only…

    Take care my friend… Leesa

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