Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/15/15

By no means is the following a sophisticated (or even accurate) description of something we are trying with Ryan…

We’ve been loaned a device (computer program/pc…blah blah blah) called a Tobii Dynavox (Look it up. It’s cool.), which tracks eye movement as a way to communicate, in hopes of communicating with Ryan. The PC is placed in front of the patient (in this case, Ryan), and is calibrated to track eye movement in his field of vision. The calibration was successful! In other words, Ryan was able to track a dot that moved randomly across the screen (up, down, sideways, etc.). Now that we know Ryan can track a dot, we are hoping we’ll be able to ask him simple questions, to which he’ll be able to respond by looking at the appropriate answer/response/box. We’ve set up some pretty easy response squares, if you will; the first of which is a simple “YES” square and “No” square. You get the idea…

Ryan’s been sick since we’ve had the device, so we’ve not been able to use the device much. His therapist used it today, but the results were mixed. He seemed too tired to utilize it properly.

Please continue to pray that Ryan will get over whatever has been ailing him these past couple of weeks…and ultimately that he’ll be healed completely. We’d at least like him to be healthy enough to see if this device will work.

How exciting would it be, at the very least, to be able to communicate with him?!?!?

5 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/15/15

  1. How wonderful! Another one of GOD’S tiny blessing. He only gives us as much as he knows  we can handle.  Dear Lord please hear my prayers.  The Buchanan’s can  handle your  mountain.  Please get Ryan over his small illness to prepare him for your  great healing of full recovery.  

    In you sons name I pray.

    Sent via the Samsung GALAXY S® 5, an AT&T 4G LTE smartphone


  2. Wow – that is really really exciting. I will pray without ceasing that Ryan will respond to the machine and be able to answer yes/no questions using the tracking device.


  3. Brett
    Check with Katie Kelso re the device. She knows a teenager (Kevin) who, though physically challenged, is really good with the device and is helping Chris.


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