Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/18/15

What miracles did y’all witness today? If you said none, then you didn’t have your eyes open, cause they happen all around us all the time. Some, however, you can’t see because they’re performed by secret angels watching over you, so if you said none, then I’ll cut you some slack…this time. But tomorrow I want some solid examples…

We praise God that Ryan’s had a few good days in a row now, which leads me to believe the antibiotics they had him on up until this past Tuesday were the cause of his discomfort. The doctors wanted to be proactive when we brought him in a week ago because of his history with pneumonia, even though the test results from x-rays that were taken came back negative. That’s why they call what they do a practice. They practice medicine. Well, I hope they practice perfectly a lot so the can get it right, because perfect practice makes perfect…

Stay dry tonight…(it’s raining here). Thank you Lord for the much needed rain…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/18/15

  1. You are so inspiring. I think about your son everyday. I pray and i believe in miracles. God bless you and your family this christmas. Anything is possible if we believe.
    Michele… new jersey.


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