Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/20/15

I’m writing early today, because Jacob and I are going to watch the Raiders take on the Packers at the Oakland Coliseum and we may not make it back. The crowd at the Oakland Coliseum has been known to be a bit unruly. Go Raiders!!

Went in to see Ryan and the nurse told me he’d been awake since three this morning and therefore was a bit restless. He could have fooled me, because as soon as I entered the room Ryan closed his eyes and made like a Roley Poley bug. Please pray he gets some rest today, and also that he’ll stop rubbing his tongue on his teeth causing it to become raw and bleed. Thank you.

Have an awesome day on and with purpose!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/20/15

  1. I have been reselling with this all day. I am looking for the blessing  in Ryan’s ability to be able to rub his tongue  against his teeth.  Perhaps he’s trying to talk to you. I will pray this is a good thing. In my prayers  all the time, Neva

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