Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/22/15

So, Janine sent me out on some errands today to pick up some Christmas wrapping paper, a couple of presents, etc. etc., only to find out it was so she could take over the TV remote and watch girly sappy holiday stuff. When I came back, I was strapped down to the couch with Duct Tape (well maybe, not really, but it felt like I wasn’t allowed to move) and forced to watch for the hundred-thousandth time…wait for it…”Anne of Green Gables”. You know, that long drawn out movie where Anne Shirley and Gilbert Blythe love each other, but are too stubborn to get together until the very end of the movie; just after Gilbert rises from his death bed and Anne’s first published book comes out. Side note: Gilbert called off his wedding because Anne’s the only one for him, and Anne didn’t accept the proposal of Morgan Harris. My facts might not all be straight, so I may have to suffer through it again tomorrow otherwise I’ll feel badly that I misled y’all…Get the tissue…

“Tomorrow is a new day with no mistakes in it… Yet.”

Don’t tell Janine, but Ryan and I secretly watch sappy movies on Thursday nights…

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