Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/25/15

The last time there was a full moon on Christmas was in 1977, the year I graduated from High School and started college. So, that makes me really young…NOT! The next time this will happen (not the high school or college part) is in 19 years, so you’d better soak it in while you can. I hope I never see it happen again, because I’d rather Jesus came back long before then…

Ryan and I spent the afternoon and into the evening listening to Christmas carols, watching the Warriors destroy the Cavs and some other forgettable TV programs. Now, we’re just sitting here in the still of the night basking in the glow of that full moon. God’s beauty is all around us…all the time. All you have to do is look…

May God Bless You All this Christmas Day and every day that follows!!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/25/15

  1. Yes, I thanked God for the beauty of that moon . . . and many other things. Wow, I will be 91 when the next full moon appears on Christmas. Probably will be seeing it from heaven. 🙂


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