Ryan’s Miracle Watch Special Prayer Request 12/28/15

I’ve just been informed that my dear friend (more like a second father to me) Mr. Thornton has cancer and that he’s been given only a few more weeks to live here on this earth. The good news is, he’s put his trust in Jesus and made peace with God and he’ll soon be celebrating in heaven with those who have gone on before us. I say “us”, because none of us is immune to death…

Will you please pray for Mr. Thornton and his family? Number 1: If it be God’s will, that he will be healed completely. Number 2: That God will pour out his peace and comfort upon them in an abundant way.

What would you do if you knew you only had a few weeks left to live? And why am I not doing it now???

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch Special Prayer Request 12/28/15

  1. Hi Bret, Merry Christmas! You are one faithful dad! I am continuing to pray for Ryan’s healing. Also, I’m amazed at how Jacob has changed and grown into a young man as well.

    We are wondering if you are still in need of financial assistance. I went to your website on “donate” but it didn’t take me to a place where I could do so. Please let me know. I know your expenses must continue to be high and costly.


    Amethyst Thomas Presentation Coordinator (925) 305-7620

    amethyst@teenesteem.org teenesteem.org



  2. Lifting up Mr. Thornton and his family in prayer. Such a difference when praying for a believer vs. someone who has not yet come to the faith.


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