Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/31/15 Belated Post

I’ve received a few emails from y’all asking why I didn’t post anything yesterday. Some postulate it’s because I was out partying too hard and couldn’t see straight enough to type anything…much less find the keyboard. Nothing could be further from the truth, although it might have been fun. Truth is, I went to bed really early so I could wake up early to watch the Rose Bowl Parade. NOT!! And I repeat, NOT!!

The real truth is, the internet was out in our hotel so I wasn’t able to get a connection. So, fortunate enough for y’all, you didn’t have to end 2015 reading some ridiculous babblings from me. However, if you’re reading this, you’re beginning the New Year reading my ridiculous babblings. Bazinga!!

Hope you all had a great time yesterday reflecting on the goings-on of things past and looking ahead to what I hope and pray is your best year ever!!

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