Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/12/16

The hard drive on my laptop decided to crash a few days ago, and therefore, I’ve not been able to post anything during that time; or so I thought. Turns out, I can use another computer…who woulda thunk? Not me cause I’m a dork. So, here I am again. Did you miss me? NOT!! I missed you all though…

Ryan’s been doing well despite his father’s declining mental condition…not that there was much mental there to begin with. He and I watched the NCAA Football Championship game last night between Alabama and Clemson. Was hoping Clemson would win, but happy it was an entertaining game. After that, we watched the Warriors beat the Heat. How ’bout dem Warriors, huh?

We’re still testing the Tobii Dynavox eye tracking device to see if we can communicate with Ryan, but haven’t been able to gather much data because he tires easily and decides to “shut down” after only a couple of minutes. The good news is, we know he can track a moving object; so that’s a very good start. Now if we can only get him to focus and try long enough, we’ll be able to see if he can comprehend simple “yes/no” questions that we ask him. If you’d like a better explanation of what I’m trying to convey, you can always look up Tobii Dynavox and see what it’s all about. Technology is pretty amazing…even though I’m too stupid to be able to use it to its fullest potential…

Have a wonderful rest of the day on and with purpose!!

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