Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/13/15

I hope at least one of y’all faired better than I did in tonight’s Super Lotto drawing. I got a few numbers, but none were in the same row. Oh well, it was fun to dream about things I would do if I were to win ~$1.5 Billon (with a B). One of the first things I would’ve done would go to the nearest Jack-In-The-Box and bought everyone in there a round of tacos. But alas, that won’t be happening anytime soon. Aren’t JIB tacos the best?

So, did y’all happen to catch a glimpse of the crescent moon tonight? Pretty beautiful if you ask me. God’s creation never ceases to amaze me. Speaking of amazing…I’ll let you fill in the blank, cause I know y’all can think of at least on amazing thing God did for you, or allowed you to witness, today.

Ryan wants to wish you all a good night’s sleep. Sweet dreams, and may tomorrow be filled with nothing butlove and peace…

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