Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/21/16

I apologize for not posting for the past several days. My laptop went kaput, and until now I hadn’t thought to come to my local library and use a laptop here. I’ve never been the sharpest marble in the bag…

So, Janine has been in India on business for the past week, and I’ve had the privilege of watching Ryan during her shifts as well as my own. I truly enjoy spending time with Ryan. I read a book to him. We listened to music and watched TV. Looked out the window at God’s wonderful creation; birds, trees, the sky, rain…etc. Sometimes, and perhaps even the best, we’d just sit there in the quiet…the stillness…It’s kinda like being in the library now. I’d forgotten just how much I enjoy the quiet of the library. I’ll have to come here more often…

Thank you all for continuing to pray for Ryan’s healing. He is blessed beyond measure to have such wonderful prayer warriors interceding on his behalf. May God richly bless each and every one of you!!

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