Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/29/16

Ryan’s been chillin’ today. Got a hair cut a couple of days ago. Lookin’ good…

Had a little success with the Tobii machine today, but he does get tired quickly and shuts down. We’ve tried different times of the day, different fun programs and different things in general, at different times of the day, but he just gets tired after about 5 minutes. We know he is trying, but do not want to push him at all, so we will go as slowly as he wants to go.

We’ve only got about a week left with this loaner machine before we have to return it. The choice then becomes do we spend the money to buy one? They are not cheap, so we may have to forego it for a while…perhaps until they come down in price. Just like any other tech device (cell phones, TV’s, etc.), they tend to come down after time. Since this is such a specialized piece of equipment, it probably won’t be coming down that much and/or anytime soon. No matter, God will supply if/when He wants to…

Philippians 4:19   And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/29/16

  1. Hi my friend, I went on to theTobii web site and I am pursuing how they might be able to  help you. I am also  willing to create a fund drive if you have to purchase one. I’ll keep you posted. love and prayers, Neva 

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  2. Bret, please consider starting a gofundme page and let us all know. It would be a privilege to help purchase this technology for Ryan.


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