Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/11/16

What a beautiful couple of days we’ve had. Yesterday I spent a couple of hours outdoors doing some much-needed yard work. It’s always easier pulling weeds after it’s been raining. Can pull them up roots and all. I do, however, hope it rains a lot more, because we can sure use it. Despite all the rain we’ve gotten, they say it’ll take at least a couple more years of “normal, or average” rainfall to get our reservoirs topped off. If I were God (which clearly I am not), I would make it rain every few days; just enough to keep the reservoirs full, the air clean, the plants nourished, all the creatures bathed, etc. Oh wait! I think he did that already (or something like it) when he created the Garden of Eden. Why did we have to mess it up?

As much as I think I’d like to be God (ala Jim Carey who got to play Him), I’m not so sure I’d be a very good one. I think I’ll continue trusting in the One and Only who knows what He’s doing. I think He’s doing a PERFECT job…

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