Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/12/16

Met up with some friends from high school the other day. What a pleasant experience. We hadn’t seen each other since way back when, but we picked up right where we left off; talking about good times as though they happened just yesterday. Made me think about how fast time flies…or at least it feels like it does sometimes.

I wonder: Since God has no real time constrictions (no beginning and/or end), does time really exist, and can it really speed up or slow down at any given moment? We keep track of days by the sun going up and down due to the world spinning, but who’s to say God doesn’t slow or speed up the pace of the world causing us to feel like days are faster or slower? I know, my mind is strange, but…I suppose all I know at this point in “time” is I’d better not be late for work…or dinner. I also shouldn’t waste any…time that is…

I hope Ryan had a good time today. In other words, I hope and pray he was comfortable and not frustrated with his condition…and also that he felt our love for him…

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