Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/15/16

Had a wonderful outing with Ryan this morning. The weather was perfect; not too hot or cold…just right. We took him to Miramonte; his old high school. We watched as they laid some new sod on the baseball field, and then went up to the football field and started running around the track. He got tired rather quickly, so I decided to slow down and walk in order to preserve his energy and prevent him from overheating and possible collapse. This was in his best interest, and any disastrous outcomes were averted. We then walked around the school campus. He especially enjoyed going to two of his favorite spots; the cafeteria and the gym…not in any particular order.

We have to be careful taking him outside, because there’s quite a bit of pollen in the air. As it is, he’s constantly coughing, but we don’t want to exacerbate the situation. He does take allergy medicine daily, but we really don’t want to have to give him more and/or cause him to get pneumonia.

Please pray that we’ll have more beautiful days like today (without the pollen) to do what we really love to do with our son.

Happy President’s Day!!

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/15/16

  1. How wonderful that you were able to take Ryan out on a beautiful day to his old stomping grounds. I bet he really appreciated it and one day will tell you so.


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