Ryan’s Miracle Watch 2/29/16

If they had to add a day to the year, why did it have to be a Monday??

I know I’m not the first person to have asked this but, when someone is born on February 29th are they a year older every 4 years? In other words, if I were born on February 29th, would I then only be 14 years old? I’m confused. And I’m not sure whether it’s because I’m too old or too young to understand…

I guess the reason there’s a 29th of February is to prove that time doesn’t really matter…to God anyway. It’s man’s way of trying to make up for lost time. Don’t waste what little time you have…on earth, that is…

Let’s all thank Gregory and Julian (the Romans) who created the calendars. Brilliant gentlemen! Brilliant!

I’ve had the privilege of watching Ryan this afternoon and evening. What a great way to spend the extra day this year!

Happy leap day everyone!!

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