Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/16/16

Today, I finally got to hug Ryan for the first time since last week. It felt good to hold him in my arms and tell him how much I love him…

So continuing on last night’s thought…

I suppose the reason Christ’s life continues to have impact is because the story is still being told; the book is still being written. And you know something, there will be no end, because eternity has no end. Who thinks of this stuff? Oh yeah! God does. Simply brilliant! Or, fantastically, unbelievably, spectacularly brilliant!!

Does the “happily ever after” you read in books have the same meaning or connotation that living in eternity with Christ has?

I scare myself sometimes. There’s a stroke of genius in here somewhere. Or, maybe I’m just having a stroke. There’s gotta be a nugget of truth in there somewhere. Nugget may be too large. Perhaps crumb or spec is more accurate…

Tomorrow night’s topic: My Recent Brush with Death…

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 3/16/16

  1. The founders/leaders of the world’s largest religions, with the exception of Christ, have never been and never will be, GOD! Christ is the perfect example of goodness, love, and joy. He never did a bad thing in His life. He was perfectly obedient to His Father (and ours). Because He shared our humanity, we are allowed to share in His divinity. He never lifted a finger to hurt a single soul, He epitomizes forgiveness and love. Think about how much Christ loves YOU, the many times He has helped you pick up your cross over and over again. That’s Love personified in Christ. As a Catholic, I am so deeply grateful that not only do I have faith, trust, and love for and in Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, but THEY have faith and trust in me, and THEY Love Me. It’s a reciprocal Gift. And at the end of my life, when the Creator asks me “What did you do with your gift, Helen?”, I can truthfully say “I used it on Your behalf, as Jesus taught me to do.”

    We all here, Bret, love you and Janine and your boys, and always will. Because we are all brothers and sisters in Christ. “You are very dear to me, and I love you.” Words to live by.

    Have a good, peaceful, and refreshing sleep. and kiss Ryan good night for me.

    Love, Helen


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