Ryan’s Miracle Watch 4/2/16

DEPRIVED   adjective:   marked by deprivation especially of the necessities of life

I know how deprived y’all feel when you miss out on one of my daily musings; which by the way are of no significant value and/or service to anyone but perhaps me and the fire poker over there in the corner. Therefore, I apologize to those who need their daily dose for yesterday’s non-post, who as a result may have been unable to go to sleep, for which I was or was not responsible. When I returned home late last night, the internet was down; or according to the message displayed on my screen, was inundated by too many people on the “Super Highway” and apparently unable to allow access to any more users. Super Highway my _____! They need to add more lanes.

So, to make up for yesterday’s lack of post, I’ll quickly recap the day’s activities…

Woke up (Praise God!), took a shower, got dressed, went in to say “good morning” to a sleeping Ryan, cleaned the garage because brother and his family were coming over, greeted said brother and his family, ate lunch, made sausage and ground beef, went to some car races, came home, attempted to get onto the internet, went to bed disappointed-but happy with the day overall.

Notice, I didn’t post any pictures of cats, food or of anyone sitting on a toilet; something I wish some FB users would take into consideration when using. Of course, after reading my posts, the same could be said about me…

Thanks for listening…


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