Ryan’s Miracle Watch 5/12/16

It’s funny when one gets older (actually matures), how much more comfortable he is in his own skin. He does what’s right in his eyes, whether or not it’s copasetic to the will or conforming to the ideas of others. He tries to do the will of the Lord. He’s more interested in what God thinks of him rather than what man thinks. Sometimes he’s wrong or choses incorrectly, but thinks he’s doing the right thing. Most of the time, however, he does or choses correctly, because he listens to what the Holy Spirit is telling him.

Ryan matured early on, because he has a heart after God’s. He isn’t perfect (nobody is), but one can see it in his actions. Well, maybe not at this time, but you could before his incident. His self-confidence and comfort in his own skin is  undeniable. And, his love for others too! Please continue to pray for him, so that he can be himself again. He’s such a light for God…

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