Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/8/16

Since Ryan’s turned 22, the school district will no longer be providing any occupational/teaching/therapy time; which is a sad thing, because his teacher for the past 4 years will no longer be coming by 3 days a week. It took a year before Ryan would open his eyes for her; as he has a tendency to close his eyes when he’s not comfortable with someone. She’s part of the family now, and Ryan will definitely miss her regular visits.

The good news is, today a new occupational therapist/company (provided by the state) stopped by, and the transition was set in motion. Both the outgoing and incoming therapist were there, along with Janine, and Ryan seemed to be receptive to the fact that he’d be seeing someone new beginning soon. He actually opened his eyes for the new person…a good sign.

Please pray that our perception is reality; that Ryan is indeed comfortable with the new people, and that he progresses with his new therapy…Thank you.

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/8/16

  1. Oh I will pray and this is very exciting news. It is wonderful the way you can “see” inside Ryan through his smallest moves. May this subtle and gentle communication continue, strengthen and grow Lord to full speaking and laughing and expressing.


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