Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/28/16

Only 179 days left until Christmas. And, you all know what that means…

So, there’s a bit of a breeze kicking up this evening and it feels so good. That’s the Bay Area for you; hot during the day and cooled off at night thanks to the wind off of the Bay. We’re not out of the woods yet, as the forecast predicts hot weather for the next couple of days. But, at least it’s tolerable…

Ryan’s been comfortable in his room. He did go out yesterday to get tested for TB. You know, that thing they do when they prick your finger? He’ll go in tomorrow to check the results, but he looks fine. The test had to be done because there’s a new group coming in to work with him on school-type stuff, and they require it be done. This group will be interacting with him in various ways trying to stimulate him and get him to communicate. I promise to get better details about their activities and share them with you tomorrow or the next day or the next or…

Thanks for the continued prayers and well-wishes. You are loved!!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 6/28/16

  1. I’m glad you post every day almost, because it helps me to remember to pray for Ryan. And the posts often help me to pray more specifically. Thank you for sharing your son with total strangers like me.


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