Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/7/16

Thanks to all who responded to my request yesterday. You are such kind people. I know Carol will be blessed by all the love she receives. XOXOX

So as you all know, Thursday nights are mine to watch Ryan. When I first came into the room, and for the past hour plus, he’s been smiling. For the first time, I really felt he was present…really present. As I started talking to him, he looked directly at me, tracked me when I moved, smiled, and seemed to be listening to every word. All I can say is “Wow” and “thank you Lord”! What a blessing I’ve been the recipient of.

Please keep ’em coming Lord!

7 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/7/16

  1. Hi. I bought a card today and my daughter is going to make her one. Its so nice that you think of others and are so kind. Hope Ryan is doing well today. God bless your family.


  2. What a terrific experience that must have been! So happy for you.

    I am sending Carol a card also – great project to make a difference in someone’s day and experience of love. You guys are great for passing this opportunity along.

    Enjoy your day!



  3. Tracking! WOW! Your always in my prayers, I am learning how to pray better and fervently, so I’ll keep at it. Love you all! How exciting.


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