Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/8/16 Special Request for James

James, a dear friend of our family, is a college-aged young man in need of our prayers right now. He’s been having chest pains, so he went to the doctor who said his heart is enlarged. He then went to a cardiologist and had an ultrasound done. He and his family…and us…are waiting for the test results which they’re supposed to get this Monday. In the meantime, James and his family…and us…are anxious. We can only imagine…

First of all, anybody who knows James know that he is a wonderful young man! We already know he has a big heart…for God and those he loves. He’s a very gifted athlete (star football receiver), smart (attends Cornell Univ) and handsome…Like all of our boys do, he gets his good looks from his mother…

Seriously though, James needs our prayers…Prayer that God will heal his heart completely…Prayer for comfort and peace while James and his family…and the rest of us…wait for the test results…And prayer that those results come back showing a clean bill of health. Thank you Lord for answering our prayers.

Prayers work folks! So, I’m asking you to pray for James and his family, because I’ve seen your prayers work time and time again. Thank you all in advance!


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