Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/12/16 Update on James

God is good! James’ tests came back negative. According to the doctor, everything is normal. His heart is perfectly fine. Praise God!! Thank you all for your unselfishness in praying for James. You see? Prayer does work…

Speaking of prayer working, I’ve got another request. For those who’ve been reading this post from the beginning, you know that from time to time I receive messages about people who have fallen victim to similar circumstances as Ryan. Well, I received one such message a day or so ago (since my computer was down, I’m not sure exactly which day) of a young Christian man named Byron. Apparently, he had some seizures that deprived his brain of oxygen, causing anoxic brain injury and he’s been in a coma for several weeks. His friend Sam has asked if I would pray for him. Well, you know I will, but I know there’s power in numbers (or is it Strength in Numbers?), so not to be selfish, I’m asking you to join me…as if there was any doubt you would…not! Please pray, as you do for Ryan, that God will completely heal Byron in His divine time, and that the rest of us will see God’s plan working in and through this circumstance. All praise be to God!!

And as always, thank you all for your continued love and support!!

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