Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/21/16 Update About Holly

Here is the latest from Holly herself…

Friends & Family:
Looks like I get to go home this afternoon! Yay! They are setting me up to do IV antibiotics at home. Sounds like I’ll need about 6 weeks of that. (This is a little unclear because I haven’t heard if they’ve pinned down exactly what kind of bacteria we’re dealing with or they’re still giving me general broad spectrum antibiotics.) Either way this gives us time to seek out the vascular surgeon at the UW who was recommended to us and to do a little research on our own seeking out the best surgeon for my amputation.  (There’s a phrase you don’t use everyday!)
My leg is rather sensitive, especially when I move around. They are sending me home with meds that should cover me for a week but then I’ll need to get back to my pain clinic.
Many of you have asked how you can help us. Other than maybe a back-up ride to upcoming doctor appointments (in case Jim has to work) I can’t think of anything now. After my next surgery it may be very different.
Thanks for the outpouring of love and care! I feel so blessed!
Love, Holly (& Jim)
P.S. You are welcome to share this with anyone interested. Thanks to the many of you who are praying for me! YOU GUYS are my “prayer chain.”

Please continue to pray for Holly. That God, in His miraculousness, would heal her completely…In Jesus’ name!!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/21/16 Update About Holly

  1. Bret, Thank you for sharing this update. I will continue to pray for Holly. She sounds amazingly strong and upbeat! In Him, Sherry Boyle

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