Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/27/16

It’s been hot these past few days, and it’s supposed to be hot tomorrow as well…That’s what summer’s all about, isn’t it? Ryan’s been comfortable throughout though, and really wouldn’t know the difference, except that we tell him it’s hot out; and, we don’t bring him outside when it’s hot. He’s good with it…we think.

So, Jacob is going on a vacation to Europe. He’ll be traveling with a couple of buddies from high school and visiting an exchange student, who played with him on his soccer team for a year. They’ll be hanging out in Spain for a week or so, then will take the train through other parts of Europe for another week plus. It’s kind of scary letting him go like that, especially with all of the garbage that’s happening in our world today. Will you please join us in praying for a safe and fun trip for him? He needs God’s arms wrapped securely around him at all times…as do we all…

Thank you.

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