Ryan’s Miracle Watch 7/31/16

Ryan’s had a good weekend, and he hopes you all did as well. This next week marks the fourth week he and his new teacher/therapist will be working together. Ryan’s really adapted quickly with this man, and seems to enjoy the change, and similarities, in the methods used to engage him. Let’s just say the transition to this new person has been smooth.

We’re hoping to get and working on getting a Tobii unit (eye tracking program thingy), and praying that it’s something the regional center will provide. The process is long, and we’re anxious to finally see what Ryan can do with it when he’s healthy. If you will recall, he was sick during the trial period, and so we never got to see what he could really do with it.

Please pray that we’ll be able to get this incredible instrument, so we can finally see if communication with Ryan can go beyond the occasional blink of an eye. We’d sure would love to talk to him…

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