Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/12/16

Imagine there is a bank account that credits your account each morning with $86,400. It carries over no balance from day to day, and you can’t keep it. What would you do? Draw out every cent and spend it, of course!

Each of us has such a bank account. Its name is TIME.

Every morning, it credits you 86,400 seconds. You must live in the present on today’s deposits. The clock is running.

Make the most of today!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/12/16

  1. I just returned from a Women’s Retreat this past weekend. The theme was Redeeming the Time, and what you shared was also one of the things shared with us in one of our sessions.

    What you shared is also confirmation regarding what God has been showing me about my own priorities each day. Thank you for listening to God and being obedient to share His heart.

    Your posts continue to bless me, and so many others.

    Thank you!

    Praying daily for Ryan.

    Lydia Reyes

    With God all things are possible – Mt 19:26

    Lydia Reyes PO BOX 26666 Colorado Springs, CO 80936 719-355-6681




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