Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/16/16 Holly Update

Ryan has a heart for others, and I know he wants to help those in need whenever he can. That’s why he doesn’t mind sharing his website to ask you all to pray when the need arises; and especially when God is being glorified through the circumstance…

That said, here’s an update about Holly from her brother Greg…

“Team Holly –
Less than 24 hours after her leg was amputated, Holly is back on her feet…. or should I say, on her foot. The hospital team had her out of bed, learning to get around with a walker. Way to go Holly. Way to go Lord!
I just got off the phone with Holly (and Jim). She is recovering very well, and is in amazing spirits. She is so thankful for every prayer, and all the well-wishes sent by text, card, email, telegraph and Pony Express.
Holly feels like a heavy burden is lifted. According to the doctors, the cancer was limited to the leg. Now it is gone. It’s not 100% certain the cancer is gone, but for now, all tests are negative.
Still a lot of challenges ahead, but this is a great start.
Greg Dabel”
Again, I want to thank you all for praying for my neighbor’s daughter Holly. She and her family have been such a blessing to me and mine over the past 30 years, and I know your faithfulness in prayer for her is a blessing to her, and God is moving on her behalf because of those prayers.

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