Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/17/16

Ryan’s bed has been acting up the past few days, so I tried reaching out to the company that sold it to us, only to find that they no longer exist. Fortunately, the company that actually manufactures the unit still has a website. Whether or not they’re still open is yet to be determined. I guess we’ll find out on Monday. In the meantime, Ryan is sleeping comfortably on the floor. At least I hope he is. Hardwood can be kind of…well, hard…

The rest of us will be sleeping in our comfy Sleep Numbers…

Night All!

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/17/16

  1. Hi! Sorry to hear about Ryan’s bed…I have my boyfriend in a Pro bed Freedom bed that turns him…not a lateral rotation mattress but the bed turns so I don’t have to turn him every 2 hours and it keeps his lungs clear…maybe it will be covered by your insurance.


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