Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/18/16

I’m in Owasso, OK (bet you didn’t even know this place existed) this entire week for my company’s sales meeting, so I’ll be getting my Ryan updates from Janine. So, I called just now for an update, and she says he’s fine. No really, that’s all she said. There was no glitz, glamour or any embellishment whatsoever, like y’all get from me which makes these posts the beautiful pattern of words which grab your attention and something y’all can’t live without…or go to sleep after reading Shawna…Nope! All you get tonight is that Ryan is fine. Perhaps after reading tonight’s entry, Janine will think of something a little more interesting to say, and I won’t be as embarrassed to share as I am now…ha ha!

Have wonderful dreams on purpose tonight!

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/18/16

  1. Thanks for keeping my sleep a top priority. I’m off to have those awesome dreams…hopefully involving a complete recovery for your incredible kid! Enjoy your time away!😊

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