Ryan’s Miracle Watch 9/19/16

So I have to apologize to my wonderful wife for yesterday’s post. I really do need to apologize, because she’s standing next to me holding a rolling-pin, so if I don’t you can imagine what’s gonna happen…

So, I called her tonight to give me a more exciting story about Ryan, and she had a good one for me. The reader’s digest version is that she was watching the Cal game tonight which we had recorded. The Cal fight song came on and she started singing it. When she turned around, Ryan had a huge smile on his face, and she says he looked like he was laughing really hard, which made her laugh to the point of tears. I’m not sure I would’ve taken it as well as she did, because Ryan could have been laughing at her “singing”, and not laughing at her “singing” if you get my drift. Nah! We all know how beautiful a singer she is. Thanks Ryan for pointing it out, and for making your mother laugh!

Luke 6:21b   …Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

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