Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/12/16

Ahhhhh, Fall is in the air. The leaves are falling and clogging up my pond, landing on my car and filling up my gutters. The mist in the morning is making the dirt on my car stick to my windows, making my driveway slippery and causing my yard furniture to rust. And, the cool air is causing the expensive heater to come on, making me wear extra clothes and put blankets on my bed. But, I am not complaining one bit. Fall is my most favoritest time of year. These are but small inconveniences compared to the inconveniences some people have. Please pray for those without convenient forms of transportation, roofs over their heads, comfortable furniture to sit on, heat, clothing, blankets, and all other things that I take for granted…

Ryan is chillaxin’ in his room. Not much going on today, which is nice every once in a while.

Y’all sleep tight tonight, ya hear?

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