Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/23/16

It’s supposed to be a wet week here. Good thing I got a large tarp to cover the roof with, so it doesn’t leak. Bad thing, though, that I haven’t installed it yet. I think I may be a day late and a dollar short. That is, unless I go out now and put it up. With my track record, however, I’m thinking not…since it’s 9:30 at night and there’s no light to see. I don’t wear pavement well…

Speaking of pavement; I like this description of heaven…

Revelation 21:21b   …The great street of the city was of gold, as pure as transparent glass.

Now, should I fall off a roof and land on a street like that, I think I could sport a grill like that…

I think I know the reason Ryan’s been smiling a lot lately. It’s because he knows he’s in a water tight room, and we’re not…

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