Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/29/16 A Couple of Updates

The first update is about Tatyana’s father, the BATF agent. He’s off the critical list and expected to live, but still needs prayer. Thank you for continuing to pray for him…as well as his family. Praise the Lord!!
Here’s the second update from Holly’s pen to all those on ‘Team Holly’…….
Life as a monopod:
It’s been 6 weeks since my surgery. I still find myself forgetting the leg is gone and do a double take when I see myself in the full length mirror. Yesterday I picked up my right shoe and continued looking around the bed for my left shoe. It must’ve been 10 seconds before it dawned on me there was nothing to find. I’m getting around the house pretty well with the wheelchair and walker. (Last year’s broken leg gave me a lot of opportunity to get used to these.) I’ve practiced getting the wheelchair loaded into the trunk and then using the walker to get myself in the car. Although I haven’t ventured out on my own it’s nice to know I’m able to.
No chemo!
My surgeon said a few things that implied I may need chemo. I was dreading it. Monday we sat down with a medical oncologist and I was so relieved to hear that chemo is not recommended in my situation. I don’t need any further cancer treatment.
I will need quarterly scans for the next two years to watch for cancer. THAT, I can handle.


Thank you all for being such a great support to Jim and I through this challenging time. I know many of you have been faithfully praying for me and I am so thankful for you. I have been so blessed by your encouraging cards, emails and texts, too. My “Pre-amputation Party” filled my heart with so much joy that it carried me through the next month of my hospitalization. That was one of the most special events in my life. It is only with such a loving God and the awesome support of “Team Holly” that I can look back on all I’ve been through with a positive frame of mind.

Love, Holly Miles

And last, but certainly not least: Thank you all for continuing to pray for Ryan. He is so blessed to have such wonderful people advocating on his behalf. God is listening and still doing amazing things surrounding Ryan’s circumstance. CONTINUE TO BELIEVE!!

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