Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/20/16

Yay! It’s Thursday and I get to watch Ryan again tonight. Poor guy, most of the people around him are older, and it’s not often he sees people his own age. Tonight, I’m going to look things up online that young people like to do these days, and attempt to act young. I know, y’all think I’m in my early twenties, but seriously it’s not true. I’m older than that. Really! I am!!

If any of you out there reading this are in your twenties and have the ability/willingness to stop by to visit Ryan, I think he’d like it a lot. And, even if you’re not in your twenties anymore (and maybe even for a long time), you’re always welcome too…

Thank you for your continued support for our young man!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/19/16

Ryan was without a comfortable bed for several weeks, but that all changed today. We got back the inflation unit, which went on the blink. It’s like new now, and Ryan will be sleeping well tonight, if he isn’t already.

I’m convinced that he’s been on too many meds for way to long. The reason I believe this is that as we’ve been reducing the dosages, he seems to be more alert, and is laughing and smiling more. Not sure when the doctor will let us reduce his meds even more, but I can’t wait to see what other things Ryan is capable of…

Matthew 19:26   Jesus looked at them and said, “With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible.”

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/18/16

Psalm 145:3-5   God is magnificent; he can never be praised enough. There are no boundaries to his greatness. Generation after generation stands in awe of your work; each one tells stories of your mighty acts. Your beauty and splendor have everyone talking; I compose songs on your wonders.
Our God is an awesome God! He reigns from heaven above…”
Sometimes I wish I lived back in the days of Christ, when such Psalms were written. I so appreciate the Psalmists, and have got a lot to learn…
Ryan’s been smiling and laughing a lot more lately. We’re thinking it’s because we’ve been weaning him off of the meds he’s taking. Slowly, but surely. Hopefully…one day…he’ll not need any meds, but we know that’ll only happen if God wants it to.
Lord, Please want it to. Amen

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/17/16

HOPE – Hold On, Pain Ends

I asked God, “Why are you taking me through troubled water?” He replied, “Because your enemies can’t swim.”

Isaiah 43:2a   When you pass through the waters, I will be with you; and when you pass through the rivers, they will not sweep over you…

Let God be your LIFE vest…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/16/16

We’ve gotten a fair amount of rain today. So much so, that our old roof is beginning to leak again. No big deal though, because it’s been leaking for at least half a dozen years. I put a tarp up the other day which helps, but I’ve got to buy a few more to make it water tight…at least through another winter. Ryan seems to be taking it all in stride. I sure wish he could get up on the roof to help me. My old feeble legs are not what they used to be, and I could use his muscles to lift the sandbags up on the roof. They are what I use to hold down the tarps.

Tomorrow, Janine will be taking Ryan to get his flu shot. Is it just me, or does getting a flu shot make you sick? I always seem to get a little nauseous after getting a flu shot. And no, it’s not because I’m afraid of needles. Anyway, we hope and pray that we can continue our long stretch of keeping Ryan from having to make an unplanned trip to the hospital. It’s nice having him healthy…well, healthy for him anyway.

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/15/16

It’s nice to have Jacob home for the weekend. I guess he just missed us enough to come home for a visit. What a pleasant surprise that he didn’t bring any laundry with him.

His brother Ryan was happy to see him too…

John 15:17   This I command you, that you love one another.

Spread the love all around!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/14/16

Saw this on FB today, and it fits Ryan to a tee…

“Be silly. Be fun. Be different. Be crazy. Be you, because life is too short to be anything but happy.”

Every time I see a recording of Ryan that someone has recorded, whether it was of him singing, performing in a play, being silly with his friends, dressing up for Halloween, jumping off of a houseboat, surfing, running, playing Lacrosse, soccer or any number of other things, he always seemed happy. I really appreciate and admire that about him, and wish I could be more like that. I’m way too serious. Hopefully it’s not too late to change…

I love my boy!!

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/13/16

Was in SoCal last week for business, and had an opportunity to stop for lunch at Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlour. Farrell’s was my first restaurant job, and it was a blast to work there as a soda jerk. Now, I’m just a jerk. I worked at the one in the Southland Mall in Hayward, CA. Like I said, it was a blast to work there, and I have so many fun memories of the things we used to do (stunts, pranks, fun kid stuff…all innocent, of course!). Anyway, I’ll be sharing some of my memories/stories with Ryan tonight, hoping to get a smile and/or laugh out of him. That would be an experience I’d cherish over all others…

Ryan’s Miracle Watch 10/12/16

Ahhhhh, Fall is in the air. The leaves are falling and clogging up my pond, landing on my car and filling up my gutters. The mist in the morning is making the dirt on my car stick to my windows, making my driveway slippery and causing my yard furniture to rust. And, the cool air is causing the expensive heater to come on, making me wear extra clothes and put blankets on my bed. But, I am not complaining one bit. Fall is my most favoritest time of year. These are but small inconveniences compared to the inconveniences some people have. Please pray for those without convenient forms of transportation, roofs over their heads, comfortable furniture to sit on, heat, clothing, blankets, and all other things that I take for granted…

Ryan is chillaxin’ in his room. Not much going on today, which is nice every once in a while.

Y’all sleep tight tonight, ya hear?