Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/16/16 Bob The Atheist

Sat next to Bob the Atheist on the plane ride home from Arizona today. His wife of 60 years just past away three weeks ago. Ryan’s situation has made me a bolder Christian; in that I’ve been sharing my faith more freely. I shared with Bob my faith and why I believed in what I believe. His argument for being an Atheist was that he doesn’t believe in a god and/or an afterlife. He claims to have never heard about God and/or Heaven, and that because he’s a good person, if there is a god, that he would be admitted to Heaven; which he doesn’t believe exists. Well, I told him about Heaven, and why I believe it exists, and he no longer can claim that he’s never heard about Heaven; or the Gospel, for that matter. The decision is now up to him. Please pray for Bob the Atheist; that God will soften his heart and accept Jesus as his personal Savior.

There are a lot of people who are like Bob. Please keep praying that they will receive Jesus as their personal Savior. It will be incredible to have the extra people in Heaven celebrating our Lord and Savior! Don’t you think?

When you think about it, it really doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to pray; which can make a whole lot of difference for someone!

Ryan, on the day of his incident, simply stated that he wanted to touch one person for Christ. That simple statement caused God to move on the behalf of several, if not hundreds, of people to accept Christ into their lives.

Believe it! We can move mountains with our prayers!!!!

3 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/16/16 Bob The Atheist

  1. Bob surely had a divine appointment when he was seated next to you on that plane. I can think of no better person than you to share the Gospel with him. Hearing of Ryan’s situation, he will have to mull over your conversation and marvel at your deep faith in the midst of your circumstances. Praying for Bob to come to know Christ as his Lord and Savior.


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