Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/18/16

I’ve been asking a lot lately in these posts for prayer for individuals I run across in my life, and this post is no exception. I know you all are great prayer warriors, and that God listens to your prayers, so that’s why I ask.

My boss’ (Randy) daughter Amy is going into surgery next Wednesday (Day before Thanksgiving) to have a tumor removed. The doctors aren’t sure yet whether or not it’s cancerous, so the prayer is that the surgery will go well, the tumor is not cancerous and she can put this episode behind her permanently. We thank you Lord in advance for your healing touch upon Amy.

Also for my boss: that Randy’s house will sell, so he can move to our corporate offices and fully integrate into our company. He’s been living in a hotel for 6-7 months, and it is really difficult on him and his family. Randy is a tremendous man of God, and even though he’s my boss, I consider him a brother and our friendship is growing daily. It’s really nice to have a boss I can respect on so many levels.

As always, THANK YOU ALL for your prayers for Ryan as well as the occasional requests I make on behalf of others. We also pray for you all, that God Richly Blesses You and Yours…XOXOXO

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 11/18/16

  1. I have been reading your emails since day 1 …your love of GOD along with your faith and love of family and friends is beautiful. Thank you for reaching out to so many and may GOD bless you, Ryan and all those you touch… Praying for you and yours daily.


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