Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/3/16

Ryan’s had another good day, and with the help of antibiotics should beat this UTI thing. He’s been sleeping a lot, which is acceptable any way you look at it. He deserves the rest after being poked and prodded for hours on end yesterday…and, for that matter, every day he lays in that bed. He can get all the rest he needs as far as I’m concerned. He’s done more in his lifetime than I have ever done in mine.

I try to get to spin (cycling) class every Saturday morning. Ryan’s my inspiration to push myself when I’m there. Whenever I feel like slacking off, I think about Ryan’s drive to become a better whatever. He always worked hard to be a better Lacrosse player, a better musician, better singer…a better friend. And, those of you who know him as your friend, know that he excels at that. I wish I could excel at something as well as Ryan’s excelled at the things he’s done. It’s his inspiration that makes me want to be a better person.

As always, Ryan is working hard to get better. He’s already beaten the odds (any lesser man would have thrown in the towel by now…including myself I’m afraid), and with God’s help, will overcome this obstacle. I can’t wait to see him whole again! I’ve prayed to hear him laugh again, and although it’s not the laugh I remember, God answered my prayer and I’ve heard him laugh. That makes me pray even harder that I will see him completely healed…walking, dancing, singing, playing the drums and guitar (maybe even at the same time), etc. etc. etc….all the things that normal young men do. God does and will answer my prayers. And, he’ll answer yours as well. No matter what you’re praying for, keep on praying, and eventually (in His time) God will answer your prayers. Be diligent, committed and persistent. God always comes through with the best answers! ALWAYS! His plan is perfect. Acknowledge that He is doing what is in all our best interests, and you will experience the greatest joys you could ever imagine.

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