Ryan’s Miracle Watch 12/29/16

You all have been so faithful over the past several years, keeping Ryan in your thoughts and prayers. And for that we are truly grateful! Tonight, as Ryan and I sit in his room, we’ve been returning the favor by praying for you all; that God will show Himself to you in a magnificent way throughout the coming year. We pray that you and yours are taken care of in every way that matters. May God richly bless you beyond what you can imagine. And, may you feel His love more than you’ve ever felt it.

Thank you so much for your continued love and support. Please know that it goes both ways. If you’ve ever got a special prayer request that you’d like us to pray about, please let us know about it so we all can participate in lifting it up to our Heavenly Father.

Ryan’s fast asleep now. It’s comforting to see him get the rest he needs. He looks so peaceful. Sweet dreams my son…ZZZzzzz


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