Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/6/17

We’re battnin’ down the hatches ’round here, as we reckin’ there’s a major storm a comin’ our way. Don’t know why I’m talking like this, but it gets the message across, I suppose. So, it’s supposed to rain pretty hard over the next several days. I’m worried about the leaky roof, but thankful that we have at least a leaky roof over our heads. There are many that do not, so I pray God will spare them the rain and/or provide coverage for them. Please pray for them with me…

Ryan’s all snuggled up in his cozy bed like a burrito…a chicken burrito to be exact; which is sounding really good right about now. Don’t think I’ll be eating one at this late hour though, because it won’t look good on me in the morning. Extra workouts needed…

Practice kindness this weekend and have a wonderful weekend on purpose!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/6/17

  1. we had a little snow in NJ but we have hunkered down for plenty of storms. I hope you have no leaks and Ryan us snug as a bug… always thinking of your family… happy new year..


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