Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/22/17

I’ll apologize in advance because I try to be drama-free, and stick to topics of interest, but quite frankly I just NEED to vent. I’m so sorry. I truly am….
I have had ENOUGH!!!! We’ll never help anyone again……EVER!! Either I’m too kindhearted, too stupid, or too gullible!! Out of the kindness of our hearts, and because it was so cold and rainy out yesterday, we took a man into our home. We felt so sorry for him. Poor guy was trembling out in the cold, but this morning he just vanished. Not a word…not even “goodbye” or “thank you” for sheltering him!!
The last straw?!?! When I realized he had peed all over the living room floor!!! That’s the “thank you” I get for being good to people?!?!?!
Now I’m going to warn my friends to watch out for this man! He is heavy set, and he’s wearing nothing but a scarf. He has a nose that looks like a carrot, two black eyes, and his arms are so skinny they look like sticks!!! Don’t bring him into your house!! What a huge mess he made on our floor!!!

2 thoughts on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/22/17

  1. No need to apologize, Bret. You are only human. You did what Jesus told us to do, and you got burned. Sometimes that happens in this earthly life. But your reward is waiting for you in heaven!


  2. He was / is such a kind hearted friend.

    Alas, I wasn’t the good Samaritan like you and I passed by. I usually would just stare and see his other friends along the roadways and by ways. It is unfortunate that there are so many homeless out there these days. Event the local shelters won’t take them up.

    I am glad to hear that he had a nice warm house to take him in from the elements. I hope you had a nice roaring fire for him.

    and yes, you got me again!



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