Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/23/17

To all those that fell for yesterday’s post joke: I got ya! It was a snowman. Don’t worry. I was amongst the many who was fooled, at first, by the post. After all, I’m the president of the gullible club…

Please pray for Ryan tonight. He’s got a bit of a fever, and is unsettled/restless. For you and I it’s not a big deal, but for Ryan it’s not a good thing. Please pray that his temp will get back to normal quickly, and that he sleeps through the night. Otherwise, we may have to make another trip to the hospital.

I KNOW God is going to make him feel better tonight, AND that He is going to heal him…

Please God. Please!

One thought on “Ryan’s Miracle Watch 1/23/17

  1. I’ll pray for Ryan to get better I know how you must feel we take care of my sister here at home she suffered Anoxic brain Injury 4 years ago and when she gets sick she becomes unsettled too so I pray that Ryan gets a good night sleep.


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